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Banyan Tree Al Wadi Hotel • Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

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Banyan Tree Al Wadi Hotel • Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Membership Benefits

The Resorts Unlimited Perks

Resorts Unlimited is by far the best vacation option for almost every family on almost every vacation budget.  Forget purchasing an overpriced timeshare condo or second vacation property; don’t pay the exorbitant costs of trying to fulfill week long vacations with expensive hotel rooms, with the Resorts Unlimited Membership your benefits provide you the access to literally hundreds of thousands of Resort Condo Vacation Weeks located throughout the world at prices that cannot be found anywhere else.

As a Resorts Unlimited member you will be assured that the entire vacation process will be backed by experience and expertise unmatched anywhere else.  For over 16 years now Resorts Unlimited has provided unbelievable luxurious resort vacations around the globe for our valuable members.

Unmatched Resort Destination Variety

As a supplier of wholesale resort vacation weeks, our resort availability to our members includes options that are available throughout the year at an amazing number of resorts located at dozens of countries around the world.  There are literally thousands and thousands of resort destinations that are available to you and your family to choose from.  Our inventory acquisition team painstakingly searches the resort industry for the absolute best destinations for our member vacation destinations.  A Resorts Unlimited membership provides you and your family the absolute best vacation product which gives you the flexibility and affordability you deserve, while visiting all of the vacation destinations that you have ever dreamed of.

Unparalleled Member Service

At Resorts Unlimited customer service is not a department, it is everyone’s job.   In our way of working, we attach a great deal of importance to humility and honesty; with respect for human values, we promise to serve our Members with integrity.  We understand that there are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

The foundation of our approach lies in the one on one interaction and dedicated relationship with each Member and their committed Vacation Specialist.

As a Resorts Unlimited Member, you will work closely with your very own dedicated Vacation Specialist who will build a personalized vacation profile for your family.  He or She will learn your likes, dislikes, dream vacation destinations and more. They will use this information to help you make the most of your Resorts Unlimited membership, recommending the vacations and destinations your family will most enjoy. Your Vacation Specialist will make sure that each and every time your family vacations with us; your vacation is perfectly planned and will create the memories that you deserve.  The better we understand your vacation desires and goals and what you are expecting from your vacation experiences, we can better customize each Resorts Unlimited vacation specifically to your family.

Contact your Vacation Specialist frequently.  Utilizing the wide range of available resort vacation weeks from our network of properties along with the personalized information from your vacation profile, we will be able to provide the best vacation solutions for you, to help you achieve the vacation experiences that you have always dreamed of.

Members-Only Access

Have you ever heard the saying that “Access is better than Ownership”?

With your exclusive Resorts Unlimited Membership you gain “Access” to literally thousands and thousands of resort destinations located throughout the world.  Don’t just think or dream about your next vacation destination, but think and dream in terms of a lifetime of vacation destinations, experiences and the memories that will be created over the lifetime of your vacation experiences.  At Resorts Unlimited we are obsessed with giving our members access to the very best.   What are some of the vacations that you have dreamt about?  A ski vacation in the European Alps, a family amusement park vacation in Orlando, a beach vacation to the Hawaiian Islands, a Las Vegas getaway for adult fun, a relaxing vacation in the sun at your favorite Caribbean Island, visiting the Mayan ruins in Mexico, scuba diving in the crystal clear waters around Phuket, visiting the museums and art galleries throughout the capital cities in Europe, an African safari, the list can go on and on there are just too many options to list.  We just want you to always keep in mind the limitless possibilities that membership provides to you and your family.